Business Segments

CDMO Services and Products

Our business includes CDMO business providing research, product development and manufacturing services. We were third fastest growing CDMO in terms of Operating Income over the period Fiscal 2019 to Fiscal 2021 and positioned our Company to benefit from the growth in the CDMO market by developing strong R&D and manufacturing operations for our customers to support their domestic sales and exports to certain markets.

Fourteen of the top fifteen Indian pharmaceutical companies that CRISIL Research identified as the largest players in the domestic formulation market in Fiscal 2021 have been a part of our customer base.

Our Capabilities

World class manufacturing facilities in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and Our manufacturing facilities have good manufacturing practices certifications in conformity with the format recommended by WHO-GMP, EU-GMP and many other international authorities.

Strong R&D focus to build an increasingly complex product portfolio and attract and retain customers

Our CDMO product portfolio spans across both acute and chronic therapeutic areas

Leading presence and one of the fastest growing CDMOs in the Indian pharmaceutical formulations market

Well established relationships with our marquee CDMO customer base

Our strength in CDMO sphere includes:

Our comprehensive CDMO formulation capabilities allow us to offer our customers multiple dosage forms, including oral solids, oral liquids, dry syrups and injectables, as well as more complex delivery forms such as modified and sustained release forms and tablets in capsules.

We manufacture products that are in all the top ten therapeutic areas by sales in the Indian formulation market in Fiscal 2021 as identified by CRISIL Research. We manufacture products across some of the key therapeutic areas.

Our operational track record in successful delivery of products, R&D, quality and technical standards and productivity

Strong R&D and manufacturing operations for our customers to support their domestic sales and exports to certain markets.

Our R&D laboratory is equipped with the entire suite of necessary equipment for the development of solid oral and liquid dosage forms

Domestic Branded Generics

Our Branded Generics business consists of the development, manufacture and distribution of generic formulation products, which are marketed and distributed in India under our own brand names through online and offline channels. Our branded generic products are generic medicines for which the patents have expired, that are sold directly to our distributors, stockists & retailers.

We sell our domestic branded generic products through our pan-Indian network of distributors, stockists and pharmacies. Our generic drug products are also available online through various e-commerce pharmacy sites. We have developed a diversified branded generics product portfolio including Tablets, capsules, dry syrups, dry powder injection, ointments and liquid orals.

Our products cover the following therapeutic areas:

Anticholinergic and Heparin


Proton Pump Inhibitor

Anticold and Antiallergic


NSAIDs, Analgesics and Antipyretic





Antioxidant and Vitamins

Antihyperuricemia and Antigout

Fluoroquinolone and Macrolide

Nootropics and Neurotonics / Neurotrophics



Anxiolytic, Anticonvulsant and Antipsychotic

Bladder and Prostate Disorder

Antifungal, Anthelmintic and Antiviral

Anticholinergic, Anti-Asthmatic and Bronchodilator

Erectile Dysfunction

We market our domestic branded generics business through a developed network of approximately 3,400 distributors and stockists and over 96,000 retail pharmacies across India.

We aim to grow our pan-Indian network to include more retailers and expand our geographic reach. To that end, we are employing a sales and marketing field team to expand our distributor, stockist and retailer relationships and support our new generic product launches.

International Branded Generics

Our International Branded Generic product business focused on exports to emerging and semi-regulated international markets while expanding our business to regulated markets like the United Kingdom, and Canada. We had exported our branded generics to 17 countries and we have 159 active product registrations (and 18 registrations subject to renewal) with international authorities and 49 fresh registration applications in process with international authorities. We have a strong pipeline of over 126 in-process product dossiers for exports.

Our R&D team is working with our partner to develop drugs which we aim to submit to the concerned regulatory authority. In addition, in Canada, through the technology transfer route, we are looking to manufacture two products in solid dosage form.

In the United Kingdom, through technology transfer route, we are introducing three new products in both solid as well as dry powder injection dosage form for the UK market. We are currently developing six product formulations for the European market. We have completed a submission batch manufacturing (exhibit batch) to The European Medicines Agency (EMA) for two of these products.

We have received EU GMP approval for our Baddi, Unit 2, Block C alongwith WHO-GMP and other international registrations and accreditations.

We have been accredited by various international authorities viz.

Accreditation Authority Country Status
The Medicines Authority Malta (EU-GMP) Audited
Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority Ethiopia Audited
Tanzania Medicine and Medical Devices Authority Tanzania Audited
National Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority Afghanistan Audited
National Drug Authority Uganda Audited
Medical Technology and Supplies (Drug Regulatory Authority) Sri Lanka Site Registered

Our Accreditations